Determining who you want to target is a major component of any successful direct mail campaign

It's not as hard as you might think. The first question is do you want to mail everyone in a neighborhood, city, county or area. This is called a saturation mailing as indicated by the graphic on the left. The other option is to target a group of people by characteristics that would resemble those who are already buying from you or a group that would want the product or service that you are offering. This is called a demographic mailing list as indicated by the graphic on the right.

Hopefully, you have visited our direct mail that works to get an overall picture of the value of direct mail. If you are a do-it-yourself person or like to see different scenarios after hours, we have an

Online Mailing List Query To Get Counts Or Purchase Mailing Lists

This will allow you to search geographic areas and get immediate counts on how many individuals, households or businesses meet the criteria you are searching for. If you would like for us to do this, we'll be glad to help you find a target group that meets your need.

Some of the groups that can be targeted are:
Household Income
Education Level
Business Type

Sending giant postcards to everyone in an area is very affordable and effective. Take a look at our Every Door Direct Mail Postcard Program which can actually be shared with other businesses who want to sell to the same target group. Because the postcards are so large, a restaurant, insurance agency and an auto repair shop could join forces and reach thousands of prospects for .15 each. Now that's a bargain.