Direct Mail Campaigns That Work

The argument is no longer which medium is the best advertising solution because spending money on website traffic is the only thing that comes close to reaching the most people for the least amount of money when measured in effectiveness. Let's face it, when was the last time you bought something out of the Yellow Pages (can you say landfill?), Radio (we all have XM right), TV (I can watch a ballgame in an hour with the help of Tivo) . . . well, you get the picture.

It all begins with a list. Choosing demographic data based on your current customers and prospects helps you target the right consumers or businesses.

Secondly, you have to have an effective piece that will get their attention immediately. Experts say you have under 3 seconds to capture their attention. We can help there too as we'll put our graphic design up against anyone's.

One huge advantage we have to offer is our expertise in all four areas: Demographic list selection, graphic design, printing, and mail processing. As you already know, when you buy these services separately, especially when that is their only livelihood, you pay a lot more. Let's have a discussion about how we can grow your business.

An Every Door Direct Mail postcard might be great solution for you