Real Estate Postcards That Are Effective But Affordable

This is one area where we really shine. We have a program of printing four up shells about your real estate company or agent on one side in quantities that greatly reduce your costs. We then give you a system to upload the specific property on the other side with the mailing list to allow "micro" mailings for a fraction of what it would normally cost. We can use your list if you already have one or we can provide mailing lists using our database drawing a radius around a specific location.

You already know why the large real estate companies rely so much on postcards for their marketing efforts. Let us show you how to reduce the time that properties stay on the market through an effective real estate postcard program.

This is one project that can't be explained fully here and do it justice. For example, there are no minimums such as the normal 200 pieces for Bulk Standard Class mailings. Plus, we don't won't to give away one of the proprietary components that allow us to do this at such a cheap price. Give us a call at 912-654-3610 and ask for Bill.