Wow, just where do you begin?

In today's world, it seems like every other person is claiming to be a graphic designer or a website creator. Because you can buy software off the shelf for $150, many are trying to do this themselves. Just parking a website on the web may have worked 15 - 20 years ago but as you know, those days are gone. While most searches are returning results literally in the millions, having a presence is not the solution.

Playing by the rules. If you only knew what they were.

Google made somewhere between 1,500 and 3,500 changes to their algorithms in the last twelve months (depending on who you believe). And the reason for keeping most of them under wraps is actually a good one. They want folks searching the web to find content that is relevant, not end up somewhere just because someone figured out how to trick the Google gods. In fact, JC P@nny actually got banned for nearly a year because of this. So, how do you keep up with a process that is compared to herding cats? You read, subscribe and read some more. There are Google evangelists who are in the loop and provide enough information that is helpful in playing the game correctly.

Search Engine Optimization

There are too many areas to name, but here are the main ones you need to be concerned about: Geo-targeting and mapping, keywords (content, url landing pages, domain, header tags, density, meta tags, etc), URL structure, permanent redirects, reciprocal and authoritative links. Then there are the black hat tricks that will actually penalize (or worse yet ban) your site for keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden text, and so on.

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